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OUR Services

Let Waterjet West be your partner in simplifying your workflow. Some of the common services we offer are:

Drilling and thread-tapping

  • We use a tapmatic vertical tapping machine and drilling machine to ensure the holes and threads are perfectly perpendicular to your part.
  • We have a small mill and a large magnetic drill for drilling out larger holes in steel.

Chamfering and Beveling

  • Chamfered edges make parts look better. We have hand and table-mounted chamfering tools that can chamfer up to 3/16″ 45° angles. Contact us if you need larger beveling, and we will likely buy a larger machine to support plate beveling up to ¾” bevels on 1″ and thicker steel.


  • In-house non-certified welding with a Millermatic 350P. With a spool gun, we can mig weld steel up to ½” thick and aluminum from 1/8″ to ½” thick.
  • Although our in-house welders are highly skilled, we are not certified welders. We work with 2 partners to provide certified welding for nearly any application.


  • Bending and forming many materials in our 30-ton 36″ press brake.
  • Welding assemblies
  • Our experienced fabricators can handle most projects with less than about 500lb total weight.
  • We offer welding as an additional service when waterjet cutting your part. We generally do not accept welding-only jobs.


  • Grinding and flap disk rough finishing.
  • DA sanding from 60 grit to 330+ to cover all your finishing needs, from a light deburr on the backside to creating a more refined look and finished piece of metal.
  • We have multiple portable drums (contour) style sanders to add a brushed / grain look or remove mill scale and rust.
  • Our partners handle Reflective finishing.

Pre Machining Services

  • Cutting your machine-ready blanks on the waterjet can save you hours or weeks of machining!
  • Using the CNC waterjet to rough cut your blanks from expensive materials like Inconel, Hastelloy, bronze/aluminum, stainless steel, tool steel, etc., can allow a higher yield of parts from the same amount of material. This is because the waterjet can cut 6″ straight down with a kerf of less than 0.05″, allowing tight nesting of your parts. If it’s difficult or slow to CNC mill, then cutting blanks on the waterjet may be your best option.
  • Machining stainless steel is hard on your equipment and tooling. We routinely cut external and internal profiles from stainless steel to massively reduce downstream CNC milling requirements. Some parts may only require a cleanup pass to get your parts to within your tolerance requirements. If you are wondering how to reduce your CNC milling time on complicated and hard-to-machine parts, please reach out to see if waterjet cutting can improve your workflow. We regularly cut blanks for dozens of machine shops. Depending on the size, we can do a 2 part operation to cut a rough profile from the stock, then flip it 90° to cut additional profiles.