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CNC Custom Pipe Flanges from Any Material.

Whether you need custom flanges for an emergency, an upcoming piping project or custom-designed components, Waterjet West can handle all your CNC flange-cutting needs. Our extensive material compatibility allows us to cut your desired custom flanges from carbon (mild) steel, stainless steel, exotic alloys, plastics, and more. With capacities up to 6″ thick, and 60” diameter, we can handle jobs of any scale with any pressure requirements.  From a quick turn single prototype to high volume contract manufacturing we are here to be your partner in production.  We support multiple pipeline companies and when water, gas, or industrial pipelines are shut down, your emergency is our emergency and same day service is possible.  We also make custom gaskets from silicone, rubber, copper, teflon, and all other materials.

2″ x 48″ Custom steel flange

4″ x 52″ Custom 316 Stainless steel flange cut on the CNC waterjet.

4"x52" Stainless pressure vessel flange

A variety of custom CNC waterjet cut 1/2″ thick weld on steel high pressure pipe flanges

Weld on steel flanges