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Abrasive waterjet cutting offers interior designers, flooring contractors, and general contractors a fast, and economical method of creating unique, detailed floor patterns not easily accomplished using traditional methods. Flooring materials such as ceramic tile, granite, slate, travertine, carpet, linoleum, vinyl, and terrazzo are all easily cut using abrasive waterjet.

Abrasive waterjet cutting is very flexible because we can cut very intricate to large scale shapes very accurately and, because there is no fixturing we can maximize your use of valuable materials. To go from a digital file or hand sketch to a cut element is very quick. You can economically achieve designs not done by conventional methods.

We have worked with many clients in cutting unique designs for special applications all with outstanding results.


We provide waterjet cutting for many custom landscape project elements such as waterfall features, lettering, walkway inlays, fence and gate details, and decorative art pieces. Because of its speed and accuracy, our clients have been able to create intricate designs that are much lower cost than what they previously experienced.

Many of the intriguing design features you see at casinos and amusements parks are created by abrasive waterjet machining. This process is so versatile that landscape designers are only limited by their imagination. We can cut virtually any material including glass, metal, and stone which are not readily done by conventional means.

“The brass and tile for this beautiful logo were cut at Waterjet West”