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    If you prefer to email the details instead of using this form, please email them to [email protected]

    Minimum order is $150.

    File Types: We prefer .DWG, .DXF, and .STEP files. We can some other types of files but sometimes the scaling is incorrect. Unfortunately, we cannot open Solidworks files. It is very helpful to also provide a .PDF of the part showing at least 1 of the dimensions and any critical tolerances required so that we can confirm the file imported correctly. Two dimensional files are preferred to 3D files, especially if there are chamfers and countersinks that could be misinterpreted. If you do not have a file to provide, we can work with you to create one.

    Tolerances: If you have tolerances below ±0.005” please discuss the requirements with us. Thin materials (<0.5”) can be held to ±0.010” tolerance but the tolerance can increase with material thickness due to a slight taper in the cut from top to bottom. Tolerances on soft materials like foam and rubber may be higher. Don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions on your tolerance requirements.

    Cut Quality: We have 4 types of cut quality (2 to 5). Cut quality of 3 is standard, but if you have higher tolerances requirements or desire a more finished edge you can specify a higher quality. The cost does go up substantially beyond cut quality 3. We can also etch and scribe some types of material.

    Materials: Please specify if you will be providing the materials or if we will provide the materials. We work with a lot of material suppliers and have negotiated rates. Specify any requirements for the material type, grade, and surface finish. We can generally cut anything up to about 6” thick for except tempered glass. Specify any requirements for DFARS, Buy America(n), material certs, etc..

    Considerations: The waterjet cuts with 50,000psi and consumes 1lb of garnet sand per minute for the abrasive cutting action. If you have specific requirements for surface finish (mirrored, shiny, clear, etc.) please discuss them with us. There can be some very mild abrasion that will occur around the edges of sharp cuts and at the pierce points. Some materials like glass, stone, or granite may fracture while cutting.

    Lead times: Typical lead times are 1 – 2 weeks, but we also offer expedited processing.